Raw Spinach featuring Tayyib Ali

from by The Speak Easy



A frequently circulated story claims that the choice of
spinach to give Popeye strength was based on faulty calculations of its iron content. In the story, German scientist Dr. E. von Wolf misplaced a decimal point in an 1870 measurement of spinach's iron content,
leading to an iron value ten times higher than it should have been.

The popularity of Popeye helped boost sales of the leafy vegetable. Spinach consumption increased 33 percent in the United States between 1931 and 1936 as Popeye gained popularity, saving the spinach industry in the 1930s.


Change is on the way
To the hip hop that we say
is a lifestyle, a means and ways, a culture
Now MCs scavenging like vultures.
But when they digging in, they're figuring,
you with us or you with him?
Everybody gotta make a living.
So why's your mission, killing off the competition,
Fuck your inner vision
People care more about television, internet, playstation,
Kill the soul, drug the mind, lose their concentration,
That's the trick they do to make you complacent.
That's the type of shit be scaring me.
Everyone in love with themselves and their TV.
But not me, a tel, and T?
Broke as hell but we give it to you free.
If you want yours then just come to me,
I steal everything in front of me.
Piano loops from Wes Montgomery
Don't need no record company.
So fuck the company that came with because the game is
Living in harmony but we're gonna need some changes.

BRA The Goat Carcass:
I say up, you say down,
Still we unite under that hip hop sound.
Keep it slow, always fierce
Need some more women, not more queers,
Turbo and BRA the Goat Carcass,
Stepping in the ring is T about start this,
And when he's finished the beat will be diminished,
More raw than uncooked spinach.

Tayyib Ali:
Go clear, easy to breathe with no air,
I'm all around the money, and haters are no where.
Taking over the square, just beginning
Jelly filling a feeling, money hot, power to the ceiling,
Cash rules and music is fulfilling.
Bank dues, who stupid straight fools, cooling, getting women
Killer spit magic, my john wears the same.
My mind holds the bomb
like Saddam on a plane,
No phone I rely on my aim,
I chat from the mac while you can't decide what to say
Two homeboys they getting blow
I'm on a roll
Pokemon go, fucking hollywood hoes,
Four shows, I grind for the rose
I'm in it cause you lames getting old
I do it for the soul


from Fiddler On The Ground, released September 11, 2009



all rights reserved


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The Speak Easy rises from the wreckage.

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